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Mr Michael Neville

Mr Michael Neville is a creative and innovative educator with over 20 years of experience teaching and leading across a range of educational organisations. After completing his studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Queen Mary College, University of London, he pursued his PGCE at King’s College London, immediately falling in love with the classroom experience and recognising the privilege of working with young people.

His teaching journey began at Camden School for Girls in London, a school steeped in tradition and famous for its work in the advancement of women’s education. Seeking a change of scenery after six years in London and a new challenge, he then moved to Bermuda for his first international teaching role. This experience added to his previous overseas adventures in West Africa and South America, enriching his teaching methodology and allowing him to bring a truly global perspective to his educational approach.

Michael is a natural-born explorer, curious about the world around him. He is passionate about supporting young people to head out into the world to collaborate and problem-solve, modelling a sustainable existence and making genuine contributions to improve the lives of others. His educational philosophy emphasises not only academic achievement but also the development of global citizens who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Significant achievements in his life include an extraordinary expedition where he and his wife, Polly, circumnavigated the world by bicycle. This journey was not just a test of endurance but a unique way to spend their honeymoon! Additionally, Michael has represented Great Britain in the sport of triathlon at the age group level, showcasing his dedication and competitive spirit in multiple disciplines.

Michael and Polly (who is the Head of Year 5 & 6 at DBS) are very proud parents to three wonderful daughters: Snowdrop, Posy, and Coco who all love being part of the DBS family.

In his new role as Deputy Head of Senior, Michael will continue to uphold the three very simple messages
he sends his own children to school each day: Be Kind, Be Happy, and Try Your Best.