Denla 5 | Rainbow House visited DBS

On Monday, representatives from Rainbow House visited DBS to collect the wonderful donations from the Student Council Charity initiative held during Denla 5. They were delighted with the donations, and thought the DBS students were “so kind and helpful.” Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

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The Otter Class Showcased

The Otter Class shared their learning with their families and friends this morning in the first Pre-Prep parent assembly of the year. The children showcased some of the exciting work they had done during the ‘Turn the Page’ theme this half term, including performing a poem about Little Red Riding Hood that they learned using […]

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DBS Geography Awareness Week 2019 | The House Recycling Challenge

The House Recycling Challenge has started at DBS, with the aim to fill House containers with as many plastic bottle tops as possible. The winning House, who has recycled the most bottle tops, will be announced in December. All plastic bottle tops will be donated to Precious Plastic, a local community-based recycling project.

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Pen Pal | DBS Geography Awareness Week 2019

Year 6 spent time learning more about where their pen pals come from! This follows on from last week’s launch of the DBS Pen Pal programme, where students will connect with a student in the UK through letter writing. During their Humanities lesson today, students had a range of geographical tasks to complete which include […]

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the Mahanakhon Trip | DBS Geography Awareness Week 2019

Yesterday saw the launch of DBS Geography Awareness Week! Year 8 and 9 visited the Mahanakhon, Bangkok’s tallest building, where they applied their geographical knowledge using Bangkok’s impressive skyline. Linking to their current units in class which include ‘Urbanisation’ and ‘International development’, the students completed a range of tasks guided by Miss Lovatt. These included […]

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Loy Krathong Festival 2019

It was an enchanting day at DBS, with the magic of the Loy Krathong festival where students, teachers, and staff wore Thai traditional dresses and outfits. Students in each year performed pieces relating to Loy Krathong and Thai culture, and parents came to see the younger students’ showcase. They were all so talented and performed […]

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DBS Christmas Camp 2019

Bring your children to the ‘DBS Christmas Camp’ with 5 full days of learning at Denla British School 16-20 December, 2019 Open to all students aged 4-14 years, to engage your imagination with “The Magic of Christmas” theme If you are thinking of something interesting for your children to do, look no further! Christmas is […]

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Denla 5 Give Something Back

Give Something Back Friday was the last day of Denla 5’s well-being week. Students enthusiastically donated their baht for the Denla Baht Heart activity, to raise money to buy well-being benches for the playground. Students should understand the importance of being compassionate and appreciate giving to others. Thank you everyone for your support, including those […]

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Denla 5 Healthy Eating

It was all about Healthy Eating today for the Denla 5 well-being week! Students were educated about choosing a balanced diet in a fun, creative way from making rainbow kebabs, fruit skewers to learning about food and nutrition at a biological molecular level! Parents were able to attend a workshop about supporting their child to […]

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Denla 5 Keep Learning Wednesday

At DBS, we believe that you are never too old or too wise to learn something new, and that’s why today’s Denla 5 is Keep Learning Wednesday! Students, parents, and staff were energised with new activities they have never done in school. Young students had fun playing baseball and practising their creativity at a circus […]

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Sports Hall 3

DBS invests in the future by building its third covered sports hall, highlighting the best facilities among international schools.  Denla British School (DBS), a premium international school that implements the enhanced British curriculum from the best practice of independent schools in the UK, continues to expand its facilities to lay a multi-dimensional foundation for learning […]

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