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Admission Introduction

Admission Introduction

The Admissions department looks after every aspect of the admissions process at all age groups. This includes the arrangement of visits, registrations and assessment days. The Admissions department is the first contact point for all prospective parents. If you can’t find the answers to your admission questions within this site, the staff in the Admissions department would be delighted to help you.

It is our intention to make Denla British School accessible to children and families from all sections of the community who have made the choice to educate their child/children in a UK independent style school. Admission to DBS is subject to full completion of the admissions process, age-appropriate assessments and other criteria, which can vary according to the child’s age, learning needs and availability of places. The School will seek to admit any child who will benefit from a DBS education.


The Admissions Team

Senior Admissions Manager
Ms Chadsuman Sritongoon (Dear)

Admissions Executive
Ms Warasiri Kaewwongwon (Bell) Mobile: 084-050-5905 (Thai/English)

Admissions Coordinator
Ms Siranee Phosuwan (Aom) Mobile: 062-445-3377

Admissions Coordinator
Ms Punnapa Jongvimansin (Muay) Mobile: 063-916-4928

Tel: 02-666-1933 ext. 2221-5
Email: admissions@dbsbangkok.ac.th