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Eco School


Welcome to the Eco-Schools section of our website! At DBS, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and educating our community about the importance of protecting the planet. Our school is proud to be a part of the Eco-Schools programme, which encourages schools to take action on environmental issues and make a difference in their local communities. Through this programme, we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment, including reducing food waste, energy consumption, and paper usage, as well as educating our students about environmental issues and encouraging community engagement. Here, you will find information about our Eco-Schools initiatives, upcoming events, and ways to get involved. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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Meet our student leaders

Meet the student-led Eco Committee at DBS! Our Eco Warriors are made up of a dedicated group of students who are passionate about environmental sustainability and are committed to making a difference in our school and community. The committee is responsible for leading and organising our Eco-Schools initiatives.They also work to educate their peers and the school community about environmental issues and the importance of conservation. The students on the Eco Committee are committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all. They are the driving force behind our school’s Eco-Schools initiatives and we are proud of their leadership and dedication.

Eco-Schools Action Plan

The Eco Committee at DBS has been working tirelessly to finalise the school’s Eco-Schools Action Plan. The plan outlines the specific steps that the school will take to meet the requirements of the Eco-Schools program and become a recognized Eco-School. The committee, made up of dedicated students who are passionate about environmental sustainability, has been working on the plan for several months, and it is finally ready to be shared with the school community.

The Action Plan includes goals such as reducing food waste by 20% by the end of the academic year, reducing energy consumption by 15% by the end of the academic year and reducing the use of paper at our school by 10% within the next two years. The committee has also planned an eco-conference during STEAM week that will include interactive workshops, guest speakers and an exhibition of student work.

The committee members were excited to present their plan to the school community and gather feedback. They believe that the plan will not only make a positive impact on the environment but also provide valuable learning experiences for the students.

The finished document can be found on the school website at this button. We encourage everyone to take a look and provide feedback. The committee is committed to making the plan a success and is looking forward to working together with the school community to make it happen.


Eco Warriors refers to a group of students who play a supportive role in promoting environmental sustainability and protecting the planet at our school. These students take on leadership roles within their classrooms, working to raise awareness about environmental issues among their peers and the school community. They also organize and participate in initiatives such as litter cleanups to reduce the school’s impact on the environment. By educating their peers and encouraging their engagement, these Eco Warriors play a vital role in helping our school to become a recognized Eco-School.

News and Events

Welcome to the News and Updates section of our Eco-Schools page! Here, you will find the latest news and information about our environmental initiatives and events. Keep up-to-date on the progress of our food waste reduction, energy conservation, and paper conservation efforts, as well as upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in our Eco-Schools initiatives. We believe that keeping our community informed and engaged is essential to the success of our Eco-Schools program and the protection of our planet. Thank you for your interest and support as we work towards creating a more sustainable future for all.