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Senior-School (Year 9 – Year 13)

In the Senior School, subject specialists teach all lessons and students move to their classes through the day.

In Year 9 we start the preparatory work to ensure that students are ready to begin their International General Certificates of Education (IGCSEs) studies in Year 10. We adapt and enrich our students’ studies according to the context of their education in an independent school in Thailand. Subjects taken include English Language and Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mandarin, Thai, Geography, History, Art, Music, Drama and Computer Science.

In Year 10 and 11, students study towards externally assessed IGCSEs. All students study the core subjects of English (English Language and English Literature), Mathematics (Additional Mathematics for top set students) and Science (either Science or separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics). They choose four or five option subjects, which must include at least one Language (Thai, Mandarin), at least one Humanity (Economics, Business Studies, Geography, History), and other options such as Art, Computer Science, Drama, Music and Physical Education.

In Year 12 and 13, we offer a traditional UK A Level curriculum. Students are able to choose from a range of academically rigorous courses, each delivered to a very high standard. Students are expected to undertake four A Level courses in the Lower Sixth and three or four A Level courses during the Upper Sixth. Each subject receives six hours of teaching per week, as well as the flexibility to seek out members of staff during their study periods for any further clarification of studies. In addition, students are expected to complete at least five hours of study per subject outside of lessons. There will also be the opportunity to complete an Extended Project Qualification, that gives students experience in an extensive piece of research, analysis and presentation. A Level courses will include Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Literature, Geography, Government and Politics, History, Mandarin, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology and Thai.

Success in A level courses will allow students to access best universities in the UK, US and elsewhere. University guidance will be an essential part of the Senior School.