Call: 02-666-1933
         Call: 02-666-1933

Prep School (Year 3 to Year 8 )

Teaching is based on the English National Curriculum. The curriculum will also reflect the nature of the school with Thai and Mandarin being taught to all. In Y3-4 the Class Teacher is central to the everyday education of students, though there is more specialist teacher input with more movement around the Preparatory School for lessons. Academic setting becomes more formal in these years, and students are streamed academically in Thai, Mandarin.

From Y5, each subject is taught by a specialist with the Form Tutor taking more of a pastoral role. Emphasis is increasingly placed on preparation for entry to the Senior School. Subjects taken include English, Mathematics, Science, Thai, Mandarin, History, Humanities, Art, Design Technology, Drama, Computing, Music, Well-being and Physical Education (PE).

Class/Form/House Tutors

Our Class/Form/House Tutor’s play a crucial role in the daily pastoral care of our students. They ensure that the students’ academic, co-curricular, personal and social development is their number one focus. Our Tutors act as the first link between the students, parents and teaching staff at DBS, providing regular updates and insights into the development and growth of the individual child. Our Tutors are responsible for championing the DBS ethos by developing a caring, working relationship with each individual student in the tutor group. This will enable the students to have a sense of identity and belonging and to feel that they are valued both as an individual and as a part of the group.

The Tutors will provide regular updates and communication to parents and families and are contactable via the following platforms:
• Seesaw
• Email
• Google Classroom (Y5-10)