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The House System

At DBS, all students, staff and parents belong to one of four great Houses; Balmoral (Yellow), Buckingham (Blue), Sandringham (Green) and Windsor (Red). The House names reflect the heritage and traditions of the British Royal family.

Students at DBS participate in numerous sporting, musical, academic and team-building House events throughout the year. All students have the opportunity to gain House Points for commitment to all areas of school life. All House Points gained go towards the ultimate accolade of winning the annual House Point Shield. In sport, all achievements go towards winning the coveted House Sports Shield.

The House System is a traditional feature of many schools, which originated in the UK, fostering camaraderie, collaboration, and leadership. House systems are used to promote a healthy competitive spirit amongst students, staff and parents. It makes every student feel an integral part of the school, with each student contributing to the House ethos. The House system is an excellent method to bring out the hidden talent in students and give them an opportunity to try new things. The feeling of being a part of a House involves great pride and honour that remains with students their entire life.

Each House has a House Leader, House Vice Leaders, student House Captain and Vice House Captain.

House Events include House Football, House Basketball, House Tug of War, House Swim Gala’s, House Sports Days, House Debate, House E-Comps, House STEM week, House Charity events, House DBS Got Talent, House Computing challenge and many, many more. Aşağı Dudullu ,escort