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           Call: 02-666-1933

Headmaster’s Welcome

Greetings and welcome to DBS Denla British School!

As you enter our campus, you will discover an institution driven by a profound ambition and guided by the mantra, “always to greater things.” At DBS, our mission is clear: to nurture and develop great global leaders. We achieve this by seamlessly merging Thai values with a strong sense of internationalism.

When you visit, I invite you to feel the uniqueness that defines DBS. Beyond the world-class facilities and the incredible opportunities they offer, you’ll sense a strong community spirit that prioritises well-being. Our vision at DBS is to stand as a beacon of exceptional, all-encompassing education, anchored in five fundamental pillars:

  • The Enhanced British Curriculum: We go beyond the classroom offering opportunities that develop the whole person
  • Academic Excellence for All: We believe in unlocking the potential of every student, fostering a culture of excellence that inspires a lifelong love for learning.
  • Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking: We empower students with an entrepreneurial mindset, cultivating innovation and creativity.
  • Thai Values in a Global Context: We seamlessly integrate Thai values into our international curriculum, ensuring students carry the richness of their cultural heritage while embracing global perspectives.
  • Well-being and Sustainability: Prioritising the well-being of our students, we create a supportive community that nurtures not only academic growth but also emotional and physical health.

At DBS, we offer more than a curriculum; we provide a holistic education that challenges students, building resourcefulness, resilience, and global perspectives. Our dedicated staff, supported by the enthusiasm of our students and active family involvement, creates a vibrant atmosphere for learning.

As the Headmaster, it is an honour to serve alongside positive students, supportive parents, dedicated colleagues, and a forward-thinking Board of Directors. Together, we are on a journey to fulfil a vision that is both ambitious and unique.

I extend a warm invitation to you to become a member of this extraordinary community at DBS Denla British School, where education transforms into a journey of continual growth and achievement. Your journey to always greater things starts here.

Best regards,

Jonny Liddell