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The Araya Hall Grand Opening – The end of the beginning at DBS

During the “Araya Hall Grand Opening”, Mr Arn Pandejpong, the Chairman of DBS Denla British School and Mr Jonny Liddell, the Headmaster of DBS Denla British School, together with Asst Prof Dr Toryos Pandejpong and Dr Temyos Pandejpong, the Board of Directors of DBS Denla British School, and the Advisory Board Members including Mr Hugh Cocke, Mr Andrew Griffiths, Mr Karoon Ruechuyothuin, and Mrs Nopamart Manoleehagul, as well as Mr Pakainay Leng-ee, Assistant Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Dr Pongkasem Khaimook, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Suraphon Loh Siriwat, the Director of Phayathai 3 Hospital, and Dr Adisorn Patradul, the Director of World Medical Hospital, jointly launched the official opening ceremony of the new senior buildings and the Araya Hall at DBS Denla British School, Nonthaburi.

Mr Arn Pandejpong mentioned that the opening of the new senior school buildings and the Araya Hall certified with international standards will accelerate the potential of our students and the teaching quality and allow the students to excel in their knowledge and skills and further develop into limitless success in the future.


“As the founder of Denla British School, I am delighted to announce the official opening of the new senior buildings and the Araya Hall, which is a world-class auditorium situated in the heart of Thailand. We built these facilities with our heart especially for the students, not for myself, but for them since I want to see the seeds from DBS grow, be successful and become great global leaders.”
Mr Arn Pandejpong, the Chairman of DBS Denla British School


Mr Jonny Liddell added that DBS has fulfilled its first promise of building for the best in building the new facilities adhering to DBS’ motto “always to greater things”. Therefore now it is time for DBS to make a new promise. As for the new promise, DBS will use these amazing conditions for the perfect journey of self-discovery for all children to become great global leaders in whatever they choose to do, and as they go through their time at DBS on a journey of self-discovery. With access to amazing facilities, they will achieve amazing things through the identification and nurture for their passions and ensure that they burn brightly so that they do marvelous things both in school and beyond.

Not only the staff that was involved with the preparation and the running of the Grand Opening.

Students were the one who decorated the hall and walk-way with art pieces. During the Araya Hall Grand Opening, guests enjoyed live performances from DBS students in the Araya Hall, a world-class auditorium that caters up to more than 600 seats and other performances in each department.

The first performance was “Zadok the Priest,” a British anthem rich in history which was written by the English composer George Handel in 1727 to mark the coronation of King George II, by the wonderful collaboration of 300 Prep School singers and 40 DBS Orchestra musicians.


Another performance in the Araya Hall was “Consider Yourself” from the musical Oliver! JR performed by DBS dancers, musicians, singers and actors showcasing their wonderful performance skills.
The performances made everyone feel as of they had just witnessed the birth of superstars.

The school tour wasn’t just normal walking around the building seeing empty rooms, but on each floor and department, there were showcases of different activities including Design Technology exhibition, Live drama performances, Live art and art exhibition, Climbing wall, Golf simulators tryout and Fitness center.

In the Drama Department’s new Black Box on Floor 2, guests were taken back in time to Ancient Greece where DBS drama students performed excerpts from Euripedes’ “The Bacchae’ and Sophocles”. 

On the 3rd Floor, were the musical performances by Prep and Senior school musicians, which include the Prep Choir, Chamber Choir and the newly-formed DBS Jazz Ensemble.

These shows proved to everyone the reputations of DBS students on their potential and well-rounded skills. Guests, parents and the press were taken on the school tour to witness the new building, the Araya Hall and all the facilities that were delicately selected for the students. 

All of these were only possible with the support of the parents, teachers, and school facilities. These allow children to find themselves, their talents and gifts, and an opportunity to shine. Whether it be playing in an orchestra band or singing with 300 friends. The new facilities are carefully designed and crafted with the children’s benefits in mind, just to ensure all DBS students receive the best of care and support. 

“Building for the best didn’t finish when we built these new facilities. It was just the end of the beginning. The real building starts now in the hearts and minds of our students to whom we dedicate what we do every day. We have built for the best, because they are the best.”

Mr Jonny Liddell, the Headmaster of DBS Denla British School

At DBS, every dream is possible, as we always say “always to greater things”