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Teaching Staff

The teaching body is the driving force for implementing the DBS vision. Our teaching team have experience with the British curriculum. They are fully engaged with the students, demonstrate excellent teaching methods with a full understanding of how students learn. They have a real passion for their subject area, and the ability to explain it. Crucially, they are wholly committed to excellent pastoral care and the provision of effective co-curricular activities.


Mr Bradley Dunphy
Deputy Head of Pre-Prep

Ms Lee Fairlie
Head of Pre-EY

Ms Rebecca Edwards
Head of EY

Ms Olivia Babb
HOD Science

Mrs Thiwa Cochrane
HOD Thai Language & Culture

Ms Feifei Yang
HOD Mandarin

Anna Preston

Mrs Melanie Hall
HOD Computing

Mr Alan Mann
Director of Sport

Mrs Kate Higgins
HOD Section Year 5 and 6

Ms Claire McDonnell
HOD Learning Support

Mr Jonathan Ang
HOD Music

Mrs Andrea Flynn
Head of Year 1 and 2

Mrs Jodi Steans
HOD English

Mr Barry John
HOD Humanities

Mr Robert Smith
HOD Drama


Ms Rebecca Edwards
Head of EY

Ms Lisa Holdaway
Head of Section Y3 and Y4 and Y4 Teacher

Mrs Andrea Flynn
Head of Year 1 and 2

Mrs Katie McMillan
EY Teacher

Mr Stefan Mildiner
Y2 Class Teacher

Ms Peri Mustafa
EY Teacher

Ms Francesca Semark
Y2 Class Teacher

Mr Daniel Putt
Y3 Class Teacher

Ms Katie Parker
Y4 Class Teacher

Mr Charlie Plowright
Y4 Class Teacher

Ronald Diaz
Pre-Prep Teacher

Madelyn Taylor
EY Teacher

Mrs Leith Padfield
EY Teacher

Mr Nick England
Prep Teacher

Ms Katie Monaghan
Y3 Teacher

Mrs Anna Gower
Pre-Prep Teacher

Mr Michael Hollingworth
Pre-Prep Teacher

Mrs Giada Hollingworth
Pre-Prep Teacher

Mrs Oksana John
Mini Dragons Teacher


Mr Robert McMillan
English/Drama Teacher

Mr Stephen Roche
English Teacher

Ms Emma Sedgwick
ESL Co-ordinator

Mr Nicholas Sayers
ESL Teacher

Emily Maitland
ESL Teacher

Ms Prapatsorn Saringkarnjinda (Mint)
Thai Teacher

Ms Podchanamas Rakmanee (Dao)
Thai Teacher

Ms Kwanjai Kuntawong (Ped)
Thai Teacher

Ms Wai Wai Chan (Angela)
Mandarin Teacher

Ms Pei Nee Chia (Doreen)
Mandarin Teacher

Mr Faxuan Fu (Eric)
Mandarin Teacher

Ms Sophie Pym
Head of Section Y7 and Y8 & PE Teacher

Mr Aaron Chandler
PE Teacher

Mr James Gower
Music Teacher

Ms Robelle Baladad Mudat

Ms Namphet Pathaphithong (Fon)
Thai Teacher

Mr Mark Flynn
Maths Teacher

Ms Stephanie McMillan
PE Teacher

Ms Holly Murray
Science Teacher (Biology Teacher)

Mr John Valelly
Computer Science Teacher

Mr Bennet Hackett
Maths Teacher


Lisa McVeigh
Head of Wellbeing