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Scholarships & Awards

About DBS Scholarships

At DBS, every scholars will receive an additional package of benefits that will support them in reaching the highest levels of performance. Each scholar will have a mentor who works on developing a package of support that will benefit them in their area of scholarship.

The package of benefits may include but not be limited to:

  • High-quality mentoring
  • Financial support for trips, visits and resources in their area of scholarship (e.g. FOBISIA competitions, VEX Robotics, World Scholars Cup)
  • Advanced external support package for university applications (Sixth Form only)
  • A performance enhancement programme using high-quality external providers.

Scholars will also have a responsibility to the school which will include:

  • Participation in high-profile school events
  • Supporting non-scholars in their area of scholarship award
  • Mentoring younger students. 
  • Modelling the use of English around the campus
  • Showing impeccable standards of uniform and behaviour.

Scholarship Categories

Year Groups eligible for Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded from Year 7 upwards. In Years 3-6, we will offer a ‘Pre-Scholars’ Programme. Pre-scholars show the emerging characteristics of being a scholar. The purpose of this programme is to nurture them on the path to scholarship.

Year groupPre-Scholars ProgrammeAcademic ScholarshipLeadershipEnhanced British Curriculum (e.g. Music, Sport Dance
3-4Academic only---
5-6Academic, Enhanced British Curriculum (e.g. Music, Sport)---
12-13-Yes. In addition to scholarships, there will also be “High Academic Achievement Awards” based on IGCSE performanceYesYes