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         Call: 02-666-1933


The campus at DBS offers an array of exceptional facilities that create a dynamic learning environment for students. The design of DBS is inspired by the school’s vision of delivering outstanding education. Every aspect of the campus, from the state-of-the-art classrooms to our modern sports facilities, helps students to feel inspired to learn. Conveniently located in the Nonthaburi area of North West Bangkok, the Denla British School campus extends across 24 acres of land (60 Rais). Classrooms are fitted with the latest technology.

The recently built Senior School buildings are built for the 2nd phase to support the expansion of the senior school. The two buildings include computer labs, the “Araya Hall” auditorium with over 600 seat capacity, a music room with a  stage, a fitness centre, wall climbing, a golf simulator room, art studios, design technology studios, and many more. These are built and equipped with world-class technologies and are up to the same standard as global leading universities. 

DBS, currently, has 5 areas, as follows:

Area 1 – Mini Dragons: this area is for the Pre-Early Year students. There is only one building in this area with one indoor play area and one outdoor play area called “The Garden”. 

Area 2 – Early Year to Prep: there are two buildings for the Early to Prep Students, academic and activity buildings. Facilities included in this area are

  • Indoor and Outdoor Play areas
  • Libraries
  • Dance and Fitness Studios
  • Black Box Theatre I
  • Dining Hall
  • Table Tennis
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Indoor Swimming Pool

Area 3 – Senior School: there are two buildings, D4 & D5, for Years 7-13. Facilities included in this area are

  • Science Labs
  • Computer Science Room
  • House Classrooms
  • Senior Library
  • Sixth Form Lounge
  • Exam Centre
  • Senior Dining Hall
  • Design and Technology Studios
  • The Araya Hall
  • Music Centre with Individuals Music Rooms
  • Recording Studio
  • Art Studios
  • Traverse Wall Climb
  • Golf Simulator
  • Fitness Centre

Area 4 – Sports: sports area is equipped with three buildings with indoor and outdoor facilities, these include

  • 4G Football Fields
  • 400m Running Track
  • Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Futsal
  • Golf Training Area
  • Covered Sports Hall + Basketball Courts

Area 5 – Staff’s Dormitory: there is only one building, D6, for the staff’s dormitory.


Denla British School leads the way by creating an unparalleled learning environment with our purpose-built facility to help prepare students for the future.