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         Call: 02-666-1933

After School Activities (free and paid)

There are numerous benefits of your child participating in our ASA programme, including:

Widening interests – the ASAs allow your child to explore a range of subjects, topics and activities that they would not necessarily cover in the classroom. It is very often the case that our students discover something new to learn and discover completely new interests. They will also discover something new about themselves

Confidence – The ASA programme can often push your child outside of their comfort zone, which is great to help them to grow and develop confidence in themselves and confidence in how they act in front of others. They will also learn how to make friends outside of their current friendship group, with relationship building a key skill to develop before reaching adulthood.

Commitment – Your child, when participating in an ASA, will often find that they are involved in a task or project that will take several weeks or even the entire term. They will understand the need to make a long term commitment to a task, instead of thinking it can be completed in a week. Those students who participate in the same ASA year after year will see that they are offered leadership roles as they become ‘experts in the field’.

Improved wellbeing – Yes, we are a school and the academics are very important, but everyone needs to have the opportunity to think about something other than when the next piece of Chemistry homework is due. When your child is engaged in an ASA, then they are given the opportunity to concentrate on something completely different, while also developing transferable skills.

Academic performance – When your child takes part in an activity that they are showing a passion for, then it will improve their brain functioning, concentration and time management skills. Our sports activities will train your child to focus, build stamina and help them to remain determined even when facing challenges or even failure. The development of resilience will not only help with academic performance at school, but also help drive them towards success as an adult.

University applications – Finally, when your child reaches the upper ends of the Senior School, they will start preparing applications to universities in Thailand and around the world. These applications are considerably strengthened when they include information on ASAs highlighting the variety of interests and talents a student has, and that they are able to show commitment to activity outside of the classroom.

As you have read, the benefits of the ASA programme may not be instantly obvious, but the impact can help support and develop your child, not just in the school life and studies, but for the rest of their lives.

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