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Sixth Form Centre

Welcome to the DBS Denla British School's New Sixth Form Centre - Opening August 2024

At DBS Denla British School, we believe that the learning environment plays a crucial role in shaping the educational experience. We are excited to introduce our new Sixth Form Centre, designed with Japanese interior aesthetics in mind. This carefully chosen design philosophy enhances the learning experience and offers a unique, tranquil, and functional space for our students. 

Let’s take a closer look at each room within this innovative centre:

Common Area

The heart of the Sixth Form Centre, this space is designed for students to gather, interact, and relax. Its open layout and minimalistic design provide an atmosphere of calm and unity.

Harkness Rooms

Named after the Harkness method, these rooms are intended for collaborative discussions and problem-solving. The circular table promotes equal participation and open dialogue among students.

Lecture Hall

A flexible space for presentations, lectures, and events. The Japanese-inspired design ensures an uncluttered and focused environment, allowing students to engage in discussions and presentations with ease.

Japanese Seat Zone

A designated area with traditional Japanese seating options, like tatami mats and low tables. These seats provide an alternative to conventional seating, promoting comfort and diverse learning postures.

Self Study Area

A tranquil space for individual study, equipped with ergonomic seating and ample natural light, encourages concentration and productivity.

  • Discussion Area
  • Private Study Area

Career Counsellor Area

A space where students can receive guidance and support in their career aspirations. The simplicity of Japanese design allows for a focused and comforting environment for career planning.

Window Seats

These seats offer a peaceful view of the school’s surroundings. Natural light floods in, creating a calm and refreshing ambience, ideal for reflection and reading.

Sofa Seats

Designed for relaxation and informal gatherings, these sofa seats provide a cosy and comfortable space for students to unwind or engage in casual discussions.

So, why did DBS Denla British School choose Japanese interior design for our new Sixth Form Centre?
The answer lies in the principles of harmony, simplicity, and functionality. Japanese design promotes minimalism, clean lines, and the use of natural materials, which create an environment that supports concentration, contemplation, and academic success. Incorporating natural elements, such as wood and greenery, adds a sense of calm and well-being, aligning perfectly with our commitment to excellence in education and the holistic development of our students.

Welcome to the future of education

at DBS Denla British School’s Sixth Form Centre,

where tradition meets modernity, and learning is an art.