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Well Being

Welcome to DBS. I believe that the fact that there is a Well-being Manager here, shows how seriously we take this at DBS. We believe that well-being is fundamental. For a school to succeed, it is important that staff feel cared for, and valued. Happy staff will encourage happy children. Happy children are encouraged by a deep-rooted well-being programme.

The needs of children today are changing at an extraordinarily fast rate; new challenges face them daily, and they need to be able to make sound, safe and well-informed decisions, as they make their way towards adulthood. The issues that they face are complex and wide-ranging, and there is enormous pressure on them to succeed. At DBS, we recognise the importance of equipping our students with the tools to cope with difficult situations in later life. A focus on mindfulness, yoga, gratitude, kindness and reflection is a vital part of the strategy to support our students throughout the school, and to help them to become resilient.

The DBS Well-being curriculum is designed to ensure that the school promotes student well-being in all learning experiences, by providing an environment and curriculum that support students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their own health and well-being and to support those of others.

Lisa McVeigh
Well-being Manager