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         Call: 02-666-1933

Pre-Prep (Pre-EY to Year 2)

International School Bangkok

Mini Dragons

We started the Mini Dragons – our Pre-Early Year 1 centre – to let younger children access our unique DBS education. At Mini Dragons, the learning space is bright and welcoming, and contains excellent resources for exploration and challenge. Children are encouraged to be fully engaged in their learning, and this will include a major focus on the English language. Essential life skills such as creativity and teamwork are promoted at Mini Dragons. Building friendships with other children is the foundation of global and community perspectives. Thai traditions are promoted, and children are taught the importance of respect, thoughtfulness, kindness, mindfulness and charity. And of course, children’s well-being is absolutely paramount.


Children take steps along their learning journey every day at DBS, developing skills that are transferable and broad. These help children to make sense of the world in which they live. Children are encouraged to become effective, enthusiastic and independent learners who are committed to lifelong learning and to becoming responsible global citizens. Our curriculum is unique and evolves each year, influenced by the needs and interests of the children, current issues and local opportunities.

Enriched by specialist teaching, it is designed to follow a themed, cross-curricular approach in Pre-Prep which allows children to be immersed in subjects and to make tangible and appropriate links. Our holistic approach is based on the English National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a clear emphasis on teaching skills and concepts that challenge children at all levels. Every opportunity is used to embrace first hand experiences and educational visits are used widely to enhance learning.

Class Teachers

In the Pre-Prep (Mini Dragons to Y2), our Class Teachers play a crucial role in the academic and social development of our children. Teachers demonstrate a depth of knowledge and understanding to ensure that the child’s personal learning needs are met across the curriculum. They facilitate the acquisition of learning skills to develop a deep desire in each child to achieve, and a feeling of success as children feel happy and valued.