Call: 02-666-1933
           Call: 02-666-1933


About DBS School Bus

At DBS, we aim to provide children with a safe and comfortable journey to and from school via our school bus service. Safety is our primary concern and every precaution is taken to ensure that each child arrives safely at their destination.

Our School bus service comes equipped with a highly experienced driver and a trained adult to supervise throughout the journey. All DBS buses are fitted with seatbelts and a mobile phone is carried, in case of emergency.

All DBS buses are fitted with a GPS tracking system. This allows you to track the location of your child, whilst they are travelling to and from school.

Why choosing the DBS school bus service?

  • Highest Safety Standard
  • Seatbelts for all passengers.
  • Car Seats for young passengers.
  • Social distancing with 6-8 students per ride.
  • Double checking procedure to ensure all students are picked up and dropped off.
  • School Bus Staff
  • Well trained staff
  • A highly experienced driver.
  • A trained adult to supervise throughout the whole jouney.
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Your child will be collected and returned to and from school at a set time each day.
  • Commutes are no longer than 45 minutes in regular traffic.
  • GPS Tracking system
  • Parnets can real-time track the location of children whilst they are traveling to any from school.