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         Call: 02-666-1933


We are…


…because skills do not develop without knowledge.

The more we know, the greater our capacity for deep thought. DBS provides a knowledge-rich curriculum because knowledge provides the building blocks of creativity.

We are…


…whatever your level, you will be better tomorrow than you are today.

Each and every student is unique. They each have their own unique set of skills, passions, goals and abilities, so we make sure to provide a variety of resources to meet the needs of all of our students. Our extended British curriculum gives students the opportunity to find their passion and succeed.

We are…


…that support you on your journey to becoming global leaders.

It’s not about the facilities, but it’s about the environment those facilities create. The environment in which each and every student can pursue their own passions and dreams. Whatever their interests may be, there is always a place on DBS campus for them to experiment or develop new passions in a safe, positive, and engaging learning environment, supported by cutting edge technology

We are…


…so you may find your place and succeed as a leader in Thailand and beyond.

In this 21st century, the world is getting smaller and smaller but the culture of each country has remained intact. Being Thai implies being kind-hearted, polite, humble, and grounded, but living internationally means your child will be self-confident, courageous, and open-minded.True global citizens are capable of blending in with any culture, no matter where they are in the world.

“Future stars are born here”

The Araya Hall Auditorium

The DBS Auditorium has 600 seats and a state-of-the-art sound system with the latest technology of L-Acoustics – the world’s no.1 sound system provider from France with its products installed in opera houses, concert halls, and auditoriums throughout Europe. This means we can hold a full symphonic orchestra, making it suitable for a variety of presentations, including drama and music. 


Blackbox (the mini auditorium)

A second, mini auditorium will provide a more intimate space for students to perform plays, music, and to support assemblies or activities for special occasions, complete with a full light and sound system.


Drama classroom

Students not only study about the history, theory, and methods of drama during lessons, but the classroom can also be converted into a drama practice room with a full set of lighting and sound equipment for students to perfect their acting talents. 


Music practice rooms and stage

Music is for everyone, and at DBS, we want to make sure that everyone can take part in musical activities and have the chance to showcase their abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment. Music practice rooms and a stage are available to all students at campus, allowing them to showcase their talents and build a community of musicians.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Recording and sound editing studio

Students can record and produce their own music using industry standard equipment from Kimleng Audio.


Design Technology (DT) room

In Design Technology, students learn about the design process, analyse real-life problems and develop solutions. DT is regarded to be one of the most critical pieces of knowledge and practice that children can have in order to prepare for this fast-paced future. Students can use their imagination and turn their designs into reality in the DT room, where they have their own work stations for wood, metals and plastic, manipulating materials with cutting edge technology.



This is where theories are tested and new ideas are born. Students at DBS will have access to the very best science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology


Computer Labs 

Our Computing department teaches the future today with students specialising in programming, web designing, data science and robotics.

Art Studio

A space where imagination takes flight and where artists and designers are given the necessary tools and framework to evolve their ideas into quality drawings and paintings. Our artists can expect to work across a broad variety of materials. Natural lighting, high ceilings and modular spatial gallery arrangements makes this location ideal for any young creative.


Sculpture Studio

Create within the third-dimension. Develop awareness around the materials and processes including clay and ceramics, card, wire and woodwork that will help to develop skills related to 3D planning and execution. Engage the senses, see poetry in motion and be immersed in the physical structures that will come to shape the world of tomorrow.


Graphics Studio

Quality design comes from brave hearts and minds, but these computers and printers will help to realise any vision. A state-of-the-art creative studio, equipped with latest applications and tools that will act as a launch pad to our students towards art, industrial, manufacturing and communication design.

Sixth Form Centre

In preparation for adulthood, Sixth Form students gain more privileges with their own special space which is similar to a university common room.. Sixth Form students get access to a mini kitchen and servery with free-form furnishings where they may interact with friends while brainstorming or tutoring for their A-Levels and carrying out preparation for their lives beyond school.

Senior Library

The senior school library provides a beautiful space for students to develop a love of reading and conduct independent research with an extensive catalogue of both physical and digital resources.


Senior Dining Hall

At the Dining Hall, there is more than simply food; it’s also a place where people can relax and recharge their batteries throughout the day with a wide variety of options for lunch: a full course buffet, a la carte servery, bakery, coffee, tea, smoothies, and vending machines. The dining spaces are divided between indoor and outdoor, and include a little stage for daytime performances.

The Courtyard 

A green space in the centre connects the Senior School building and Auditorium building together and serves as a gathering space for students to relax and play. With natural light and a crisp breeze, the school environment is brimming with the uplifting energy of trees planted everywhere.

House Lounges

Every room has its thematic House colour where students can spend their free time or participate in activities with their housemates whether to unwind during the day, complete extra coursework, brainstorm for a project, or simply socialise with their peers.


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