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Holiday Programme

Outside School

DBS is pleased to offer all students the opportunity to participate in a range of after school activities, on top of an already impressive co-curricular provision. This programme is designed to introduce students to different sports, performing arts and STEM activities that are fun, but which are beyond what can be provided for in school hours. The choice includes archery, golf, gymnastics, taekwondo, glee club, hip hop, Thai dance and robotics.


Saturday Programme

DBS also has Saturday Programmes, which give students the opportunity to learn different courses with highly qualified teachers. The Saturday programme choice includes swimming, robotics, esl, phonics and pronunciation, and animation and game design.

Holiday Programme

There are also Holiday Camps, including music performance; Thai; basketball; hip hop and gymnastics; robotics; Thai cooking; and an intensive camp offering students the opportunity to make progress rapidly and effectively in a specific subject with highly qualified teachers.

Summer School

The DBS Summer School focuses on the development of English language and core curriculum skills, through a range of stimulating and engaging age-appropriate, learning activities. The Summer School is managed and run by DBS teachers, which makes it unique. Academic study is combined with activities that are great fun, and students whose first language is not English, benefit significantly from the programmes, which are delivered in English.