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         Call: 02-666-1933

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Scholarships are available ranging from 10-50%, and will be awarded to students who display ability in Academic subjects, Art, Music, Performing Arts and Sport.

Scholarship candidates will be identified during the admissions process. All students will complete an entrance assessment. Parents should share evidence of previous academic success, and/or special talents (for example certificates, awards, student portfolio etc). A decision will then be made by the education team, led by the Principal.

DBS Scholars are expected to maintain good academic standing / special talent to continue receiving scholarship. Scholarships will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Senior Leadership Team.

Scholarship Categories

  • Academic (up to 50%)
  • Music (up to 50%)
  • Sport (up to 50%)
  • Art (up to 20%)
  • Drama (up to 20%)
  • All-round abilities (up to 50%)