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The DBS seven revision tips

Choose TARGET instead of time

“Try choosing a revision target instead of time. For example, you could choose to do one hour of Business or target being able to list and explain all the sources of finance.” – Richard Downs, Head of Senior

PLAN your revision and focus on the areas you are LEAST confident in

“Plan your revision, using exam specs or personal learning checklists to identify your areas of weakness and revise them first. Students often get trapped in a cycle of revising what they already know because it makes them feel more confident.” – Hazel Johnston, Head of Year 9-11

Use ACTIVE recall method

“Use how your brain remembers information – interleaving (using blank pages) to mix up topics and active recall to check what information you can remember.” – Holly Murray, Careers and University Counsellor

Give yourself a REWARD

“Set yourself a goal/ prize for successfully revising; intrinsic motivation is key. Reward yourself with something, for example, gaming time.” – Stefan Apter, Head of Humanities


“Use colour to traffic light your revision. Give yourself a clear and honest understanding of what you do know, don’t know and where you need support. Reflect on ambers and reds becoming greens and praise your efforts.” – Simon Fowler, Deputy Headmaster and Elizabeth Byrne, Teacher of Business and Enterprise

Work with FRIENDS

“Work with your friends to create the quizzes and question each other to share the workload and make it more engaging.” – Stephen Roche, Teacher of English


“Force yourself into trying to recall what you have learned. When revising, instead of writing summaries, write a question where the answer will be what you have learned, then test yourself on it.” – Jonny Liddell, Headmaster