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Trash Lucky: Transforming Waste into Rewards at DBS!

We’re thrilled to introduce Trash Lucky, an exciting initiative that not only promotes sustainability but also benefits our school community directly. 
Trash Lucky CEO, Khun Nat, recently engaged all of our students in an enlightening school assembly, emphasizing the crucial role each one of us plays in preserving our environment.

Here’s how Trash Lucky is tailor-made for our DBS family:

1.On-Campus Convenience: During the upcoming Songkran Holiday, Trash Lucky is setting up a convenient drop-off location right here at DBS. No need to go far – let’s make recycling easy and accessible for everyone!

2. Community Spirit: By participating in Trash Lucky, you’re contributing to a shared goal of creating a cleaner and greener school environment. Every piece you recycle counts towards making our community more sustainable.

3. Rewards for You, Rewards for DBS: Earn points for your recycling efforts and stand a chance to win gold prizes monthly. As you accumulate points, you not only increase your chances of winning but also contribute to the overall success of Trash Lucky at DBS.

Let’s embark on this eco-friendly journey together! By recycling with Trash Lucky, we’re not only making a positive impact on the environment but also fostering a stronger, more sustainable community right here at DBS. 🌏💙