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VERSO Hack 2023

Our budding entrepreneurs spent the weekend at VERSO School working with students from other Bangkok schools to design and pitch a business idea to leading business mentors.

12 of our students took part in the events and seminars. Their ideas across the fashion and food recycling industries ranged from selling clothing returned to designers to selling discounted food past the ‘best before’ date. All of our students performed incredibly well, Ben, Baiploo and Baibua reached the finals and we even had runners up in both age categories who won a 10,000 baht coupon for Beyond Code Academy, 3,000 baht each, a certificate and a trophy:

Shiek’s team came second in the Junior category with the idea to gamify recycling with an App where the users collect in-game points every time they recycle plastic. These points can be used to play the game or saved to spend on discounts on movie tickets etc. When asked about the Hack, Shiek commented, “The Hackathon was really challenging since the first 2 hours our team didn’t have an idea at all but then we slowly came up with our final solution.”

Minnie’s team came second in the Senior category with the idea to improve sustainable fashion by reusing old shoes. The ‘Sole Searchers’ would receive donations of old shoes and disassemble them to get the materials, particularly the rubber soles which can be used to create flooring such as running tracks and playground soft surfaces. The other material, such a fabric, would then be used for blankets etc.

Our runner up teams each got a 10,000 baht coupon for Beyond Code Academy, 3,000 baht, a certificate and a trophy.

Ali’s team created a presentation on food waste management and called it ‘FoodFix’. They won the prize for ‘best presentation’ of the day. Well done Ali. Congratulations to all students involved, and we hope more can stretch their entrepreneuristic skills and take part in February 2024.