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           Call: 02-666-1933

Welcome from Vice-Principal

An education at Denla British School is inspiring and unique. Our students fully adhere to values which develop determination, balance and scholarship. Our students acquire skills which will enable them to achieve these values, ensuring that they thrive at university and beyond.

Denla British School ‘nurtures global leaders’ by allowing them to be courageous and reflective decision makers. We do this by enriching and developing attributes in children that will allow them to achieve their full potential in the world. Our teachers deliver outstanding lessons which nurtures our children to be:

  • Critical thinkers
  • Independent learners
  • Aspirational and reflective risk takers
  • Confident entrepreneurs
  • Sensitive to the needs of themselves and others
  • Respectful in all their actions

Our curriculum throughout the school provides opportunities for students to understand the role of Thai culture and entrepreneurship in developing their global perspective of society. We provide challenge and develop physical and emotional well-being through daily activity, but also by ensuring active participation in lessons and opportunities for additional undertakings and excursions. We also offer a chance for our students to give back to the wider community through service and charity; something which we also link to our pillar of Entrepreneurship. This helps to promote independence, tolerance and responsibility in our students, and will help them grow as compassionate global leaders.

The best way to discover more about the Denla British School is to visit us. I look forward to meeting prospective students and their families in the near future.


James Lyng