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Co-Curricular Activities at DBS

· Sports: Sport is not only a magic medicine for health, but it is also a key to success. Keys to success, such as diligence, discipline, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship are embedded in sports like swimming, football, netball, rugby, boxercise, badminton, yoga and cycling.

· Board Games: Board games were invented thousands of years ago. Today, they are popular among students, and there are many board-games cafés. The benefits of playing board games are not just about fun, but also students can practise various skills such as communication, calculation, planning, creativity, teamwork, and many more. Moreover, board games are activities that can be played with only 1 player up to 68 players.

· Cooking, Baking: Culinary activities promote children’s development in 4 areas: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. In a bakery club, students will learn how to make English bread, muffins and biscuits, as well as discover culinary vocabulary.

“The Extended Day” – essential additional hours for life-long success – the UK independent school model

DBS students will have 1.5 hours per day more school time than students in other schools, adding up to nearly 8 hours per week. The subjects taught are called Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), for which parents don’t have to pay an extra fee. CCAs are specially provided in the UK’s independent schools. At DBS, we offer intense CCAs aiming to give our students the opportunities to try new experiences, to develop excellence, to foster fantastic relationships, and to develop the whole child; academically, physically and mentally.

Every day with the 1.5 hours longer than most other international schools, DBS can promote excellence in a wide variety of areas. A longer learning period and rich activities, under a close supervision of expert teachers, with small class sizes, means that students will have full attention and enjoyment. This is a crucial area for students to focus more on what they truly like. They will also join clubs and homework groups to prepare themselves for the next school day. This promotes all-round development in accordance with the school’s vision, “Nurturing Global Leaders.”