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DBS Scholarship Day 7th March 2020

Denla British School Offers Scholarship Opportunities at the “DBS Scholarship Day” to Search for Top Students – Aiming to Nurture Year 3 – 10 Students to Access the World’s Top Universities. Please Register Before 21st February 2020.

The opportunity to become part of the Denla British School (DBS) family is here for Year 3 to Year 10 students who excel in Mathematics, Science, English, Thai, Music, Sport, and all-round abilities! Denla British School (DBS) is a premium international school that implements the Enhanced British Curriculum modelled on the top independent schools in the UK, and it offers scholarship opportunities at the “DBS Scholarship Day” for students of Year 3 to Year 10. Interested students and parents can learn more about this at the scholarship information session at DBS on Tuesday 4th February 2020 from 9.00-10.00 am. Then, on Saturday 7th March 2020, selected candidates will be invited to take the scholarship assessment at DBS.

Mr Mark McVeigh, Principal of DBS said that the strength of the DBS unique vision in the core areas of an Enhanced British Curriculum, Academic Excellence for All, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking, and Community and Global Perspectives, has encouraged DBS students to develop significantly in all areas – clearly shown from academic and non-academic awards – and that is why DBS is being recognised as the international school that nurtures global leaders and entrepreneurs.

DBS Scholarship Day is one of the programmes that contribute to the vision of Academic Excellence for All, aiming to encourage students who excel in Mathematics, Science, English, Thai, Music, Sports, and all-round abilities, to enrol in DBS. DBS is a unique international school in Bangkok, which implements a UK independent school curriculum and its teachers are not only experienced, but are also 100% native English speakers (apart from Thai and Mandarin subjects). The curriculum of UK independent schools is outstanding, with its Personalised Learning approach that concentrates on encouragement, and adapting the teaching method to each student, according to their skills and preferences. Approaches vary from specific teaching for each individual, to teaching in small groups, with teachers and their assistants supervising the entire process. The school is not only known for its academic excellence, but also encourages an all-round education so that children can explore and discover their own talents.

At the DBS Scholarship Day, there will be an academic examination using the UK education standard for all candidates. Additionally, scholarships for music and sports, will involve students taking auditions and exercises, and showing proven, recognised records of their abilities. And for those who have all-round abilities, the assessment for them will be a mixture of academic examinations and practical assessment.

When a student is awarded a DBS Scholarship, the school will nurture them so that they can access the world’s top universities using, for example, the Beacon Programme that is designed to cater for high attaining and greatly engaged learners. The programme values enthusiasm, creativity and passion, whilst facilitating additional opportunities to stretch and challenge students beyond the classroom. The Beacon Programme aims to further encourage excellent learning behaviour. It will involve practising problem solving, analysing, leading, communicating and logic, using lateral and critical thinking. The Beacon Programme encourages self-determination, self-direction, self-respect, and self-awareness. This will allow students to become independent learners who thrive in working outside of their comfort zones, and can adapt and participate in a rapidly changing society and economy.

Besides the Beacon Programme, DBS has launched other special programmes:

A Comprehensive ESL programme – to ensure that every DBS student is able to access the British curriculum, encouraging a good mastery of the English language for all.
The Accelerated Reader programme – to enable students to make excellent progress in their English language reading. Books are selected at an appropriate level for the individual, students answer questions to show that they have understood, and they can then move on to the next level at their own rate.
The Y10 and IGCSEs programme – to ensure that the school has the right teaching team in place for the start of the IGCSEs, and that the curriculum reflects the necessary IGCSE course specifications. Plans will be put in place so that individual students receive guidance on which of the optional subjects to choose, apart from the core English, Maths and Science.
The GL performance programme – assessments for English, Maths, and Science to measure against the world’s average. The Progress Test Series (PT Series) assesses students’ comprehension of the core subjects to identify which students need extra support and which will rise to more challenging targets. Results from GL Assessments help teachers to accurately plan for each student’s academic excellence.
There is also a Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme, where students spend time learning in an additional hour per day. DBS also initiates a Model United Nations programme – an advanced learning model based on the procedures at the United Nations, giving students the opportunity to debate, discuss, analyse ideas, and present to large groups of people. This is all very important in instilling leadership skills in accordance with the school’s vision, “Nurturing Global Leaders.”

“The DBS Scholarship Day is a special opportunity and the first step to being at the leading edge of the DBS community. It is open for application from today until 21st February 2020. Interested students and parents can attend the scholarship information session at DBS on Tuesday 4th February 2020 from 9.00-10.00 am. By Friday 28th February 2020, the school will announce the list of selected candidates who will be invited to take the assessment tests on Saturday 7th March 2020. The scholarship winners will be announced in the next week,” DBS Principal said.

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