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Denla Fest 2019

Music helps Students’ Mental, Physical, and Emotional Development.

Denla British School (DBS) will showcase ‘Denla Fest 2019’, bringing together the DBS community for students to illustrate their musical talent, as well as raising funds for charity

“Music” teaches you to be a better person. This information has been well-documented by several scientists. Most recently, Erik Scherder, a neurology professor, described in his latest research titled, “Music Makes People Better”, the impact of listening, making music, and singing, on brain functions. He concluded that music makes you a better person due to the efficient increase in connections within the brain, especially if children were to play or make music, and sing, as these can assist in increasing the brain’s connections. In addition, music can also improve the mental, physical and emotional efficiency of the brain as well.

Denla British School (DBS) is a premium international school that uses the curriculum of the British private school system, taught by 100% experienced and native English speakers who have unique strength in this curriculum, which focuses on personalised learning and academic excellence with acquisition of all-round skills. At DBS, every student will have a chance to study Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) with no extra cost being imposed on the parents. CCA is a means to success, modelled in private English schools. At DBS, there is a strong CCA program, which is taught by expert native English-speaking teachers, allowing students to enhance their skills for 1.5 hours daily. This makes them fluent in English as well as encouraging discovery of their inner talents, especially in music. DBS has several music-related courses for students to develop many skills, which includes singing, music, choir, orchestra.

In the music curriculum, students develop basic skills, beginning with playing musical instruments, singing, reading and writing music. In choral singing, students develop the ability to sing 2 or more parts and work together, as well as learn a variety of music from around the world. There are also many opportunities to showcase their work throughout the year, including the annual event of Denla Fest 2019. Students will be showcasing their musical talents, from singing, playing music, dancing, and performing as part of an orchestra. Their accomplishments will be presented through compositions and music performance in which students will be able to develop analytical understanding, creativity, and collaboration through their expressions in the DBS Orchestra.

Mr Mark McVeigh, Principal of Denla British School (DBS), said: “This year’s Denla Fest will be held on 13th December. It will be a special event, presenting students’ showcases to the whole DBS family: students, staff, parents, and families, to celebrate together. This year, we will be raising money for two charities, Kids Action for Kids and Rainbow House. This year’s festival promises to be even bigger than that of last year. There will be live music performances from students from Year 1-9, and booths and activities organised by school personnel, students, and parents. The Friends of DBS parents’ association will also be participating in setting up booths to sell food and beverages”.

For this year, the theme of the event is “The Gift of Giving”, which reflects the philosophy of DBS and is something the school intends to instil in every student. Students are encouraged to be compassionate, kind, and understanding towards the world around them. They must understand their responsibilities and roles on the global stage, in order to truly make a difference and become a world-class leader in the future. DBS focuses on performing arts, reflecting the creativity and talent of the students, whether it is music performances, products and gifts made by the students and sold at the booths, or students who have helped in organising and planning the event. These experiences will enable young people to develop creative and problem-solving skills which will help prepare them for future careers.

Denla Fest, will consists of 4 main areas:
The Main Stage (Sports Hall 3): This will feature live performances by students from Year 1-9.
Activities Area (Athletics Track): Students and families will be able to take part in activities such Bouncy Castle, Basketball Shootout, Face Painting and buy gifts and presents.
Food Court (Sports Hall 2): This will be the area in which to seek refreshments.
Soi Dao (Sports Hall 3): Visitors will have the chance to win a range of fantastic prizes by hooking baubles from the Christmas Tree.

“DBS is a leading international school, and we provide first class education, ensuring our students acquire all-round skills, encouraging happiness and fulfilment. We promote academic excellence along with encouraging children to make good decisions and pick up leadership skills. Denla Fest 2019 demonstrates the combination of skills that students have practised. We are all so proud of our students, who are cheerful, healthy, happy, talented and generous”, the Principal of Denla British School (DBS) concluded.