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Life at DBS Sixth Form: Insights from Pioneering Students

Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of DBS sixth form life! Deciding where to continue one’s academic journey after secondary school can be a challenging and exciting experience. For some students, it means continuing in the same school where they have already spent years. This is the case for many students who chose to continue at DBS Sixth Form, where the journey to Year 12 and 13 – the last phase of their school lives – has been filled with challenges and rewards. BamBam and Mild, two pioneering students and the head students at DBS, have shared their reflections.


BamBam and Mild were the first cohort of students to attend DBS Sixth Form, and they were excited about being part of something new and challenging and witnessing the development of others. However, they felt the pressure of being role models for the juniors. Despite the challenges, both students have found support from their teachers and peers. They appreciate the close-knit community of DBS and the respect that teachers nurture each student’s individuality.

As Head Students, BamBam and Mild have used their positions to foster a sense of community, school spirit, and academic excellence. Leadership is not just a position but an opportunity to create positive change. They have seen many positive aspects of their experience at DBS, such as the supportive community, academic excellence, and support from teachers. They also recognise areas with the vast improvements the school has made, such as offering more opportunities for sports and music and the opportunity to compete with other students on the International circuit. They believe that students need to have a holistic education and have emphasised the importance of these opportunities and know the strong influence their student’s voice has played in driving the school forwards; always to greater things.

Regarding the school’s culture, BamBam and Mild have seen a respectful and friendly environment. The school values Thai values in a global context, and the students appreciate the trust between students and teachers and the safety of the school. They also feel a sense of belonging, which is crucial in the academic journey. They suggest talking to friends, seeking guidance from the counselor provided by the school, and taking weekends off to recharge to avoid stress and burnout. 


Overall, BamBam and Mild’s journey at DBS Sixth Form has been filled with high expectations, ambition, challenges, and rewards. They are grateful for the opportunities that DBS has given them and look forward to continuing their academic journey and their lives beyond school. BamBam and Mild hope to continue to help others develop their full potential. Come join us and experience the excitement and challenge of DBS Sixth Form life!