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Live Performances at DBS

Music in the co-curricular setting here at DBS is best exemplified by the various ensembles that meet, rehearse, and perform on a regular basis. This is strongly supported by individual DBS students, of whom virtually all take instrumental lessons regularly.

At DBS, we strongly believe that a strong and robust programme of live performing events are crucial towards every student’s musical development, and allow individuals and ensembles to showcase their talent and work, whilst providing the opportunity to go beyond just presenting works in an examination studio once a year.

At some point in the academic year, all students from Year 1 to 8 at DBS will be involved in an onstage performance at least once, although more often that extends well beyond that. Different levels of performance events at DBS allow for a wide range of skills and styles to be showcased. Students can start at informal lunchtime concerts and at Buskers’ Corner, then progress to our termly Performance Time series of semi-formal concerts. High ability musicians and music scholars feature in our yearly DBS Evening Recital and Piano Competition.

Last Friday (25th September) saw the first musicians take to the stage at our monthly lunchtime concert series, as well as at Buskers’ Corner. Lunchtime concerts take place on the last Friday of every month, while Buskers’ Corner is an open platform for any member of the school community – student and staff alike – to share their artistic pursuits with one and all. This can include poetry, dance, circus skills, storytelling, music, and much more, and is a wonderful way to unearth hidden talent!