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Ms Masako Chikushi – Japanese Teacher

Ms Masako Chikushi is a dedicated Japanese teacher at DBS Denla British School’s Senior School. With a unique blend of experiences and a passion for teaching, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of her students. Let’s delve into her background, teaching philosophy, and the innovative methods she employs in the classroom to create a positive learning environment.

Ms Masako Chikushi was born in Japan and spent over two decades living in Australia, a journey that cultivated her multicultural perspective. Her teaching journey began in Japan, where she gained qualifications and experience in Primary Schools, Kindergarten, School Librarian, and Outdoor Education Instruction. Upon relocating to Australia, she extended her teaching repertoire to Secondary schools and Universities. Her diverse teaching experience spans across Australia, Japan, and Thailand, encompassing Universities, International Schools, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, and Kindergarten. Notably, she also held leadership roles in the Australian National and State Project for teacher education programs, showcasing her commitment to advancing the field of education.

Ms Masako Chikushi sees education as a means to empower students to contribute to creating a better world for all. “Learning is fun” is her guiding principle. She believes teachers should infuse joy and excitement into the classroom to foster a positive learning environment. Trust in students’ capabilities is a cornerstone of her teaching philosophy, ensuring that all students have access to limitless learning opportunities.

Ms Masako Chikushi brings innovation into her lessons by incorporating various creative elements such as dance, songs, and musical instruments. Additionally, she harnesses technology to empower students to explore Japanese language and culture independently. She acknowledges and respects the diverse learning styles and abilities of her students. She employs a combination of teaching approaches—whole class, peer group learning, and individual learning—to cater to personal preferences. Furthermore, she provides a range of task options, allowing students to select the learning methods that best suit them.

Building strong relationships with students is paramount for Ms Masako Chikushi. She approaches each day with an open mind, recognizing the uniqueness of each student. Beyond her role as a Japanese teacher, she cares about her students as individuals, showing interest in their hobbies, extracurricular activities, and other subjects, thereby supporting their holistic development. To support students’ academic progress, she maintains open communication with parents. She shares learning progress comments via emails and actively involves parents in students’ Japanese homework tasks. By fostering a three-way communication loop between students, parents, and teachers, trust is nurtured.

Her message to her current students and their parents is simple but profound:

“Please enjoy your day. Today will never come back. We will do our best every day. My students will do the best with their talents and capabilities.”

In conclusion, Ms Masako Chikushi’s journey as an educator at DBS Denla British School is defined by her unwavering dedication to her students’ growth and her commitment to fostering a joyful and inclusive learning environment. Her passion, innovative teaching methods, and collaborative spirit are essential pillars of the school’s educational landscape. She embodies the spirit of limitless potential that defines DBS Denla British School.