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Nutrition standards in UK schools.

High-quality kitchen facilities – to promote a healthy and interesting diet with over 200 selections of food per month at Denla British School (DBS)

A balanced diet is an important factor in a child’s development, especially between the kindergarten period to 16 years old when bodies and brains are growing fast. If children get comprehensive nutrition, together with proper exercise and sleep, they will develop well and grow up healthy, a firm foundation for a good life. Denla British School (DBS), a premium international school that implements an enhanced British curriculum from the best practice of independent schools in the UK, has a mission to nurture students physically and mentally. We believe that good nutrition guards against disease and helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Proper nutrition is part of the drive that ensures that students grow up healthy to become effective global citizens in accordance with DBS’s vision, “Nurturing Global Leaders.”

Mr Mark McVeigh, DBS Principal, who has extensive experience from leading international schools in the UK and South East Asia, says that children all need protein and vitamins to be healthy. Students will be taught how to have a balanced diet to benefit their well-being.

Mrs Lisa McVeigh, the school’s Well-Being Manager, has experience as a nurse manager, qualified emergency first response instructor, and encouraging children’s mental health. Lisa has a vital role in supporting the well-being of students, communicating with them on well-being matters, as well as educating them about it in theory, and practice, to encourage good habits. With her expertise in healthcare management and experience in children’s pastoral care, she is able to focus on the nutrition aspect, and even oversees students’ choices in the dining hall where students whose plates lack colour (fruit and vegetables) are encouraged to make wiser choices to ensure that they have essential nutrients and vitamins.

5 unique points that make the DBS Kitchen popular among students:

1.We develop creative menus that are both delicious and healthy. Food is homemade and fresh.

2.We don’t serve high sugary food and seasoning sauce to train students not to be addicted to sweet and salty taste.

3.Food quality control is implemented, starting from monitoring food ingredients to cooking procedure, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

4.There are various selections, ranging from western, eastern, Thai, and vegetarian food. Sandwiches and salads are also served. Two hundred choices are rotated every month.

5.To prevent food contamination, there are separate food sinks, different chopping blocks, and separate knives for cooked meat, raw meat, fruits and vegetables. Food serving staff must cover their hair and wear gloves while cooking and serving food to students. Insect and pest control is also implemented. There is also training for staff hygiene.

Educating students about a proper, balanced diet lays a good foundation for the children’s lives now and in the future. Students will be fully developed, readying them for an intense education, including activities such as music and sport.