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Sixth Form Spotlight : Wish Year13

I love being a student at DBS because…

The friendly environment creates a welcoming atmosphere where students are able to feel comfortable and valued. This environment creates a strong bond among students with a lot of collaborative activities and the exchange of ideas. Additionally, the support provided by our dedicated teachers is beyond compare. Their commitment to our growth and wellbeing ensures that we are provided with the right guidance and encouragement needed in our studies. Furthermore, the freedom we have in a school which offers so many different subjects that genuinely interest me is a remarkable aspect of being a student here at DBS.  

My proudest achievements so far are..

The social opportunities I have had and the strong bonds and friendships I have made. We have enjoyed some great events and occasions together such as the Year 12 and 13 Residentials and the end of Year 12 dinner. Above all, I appreciate the opportunity to work in small groups, building bonds with my friends.
My involvement in public speaking in school, as a member of the Sixth Form. For example, presenting projects to the class, presenting to our younger students in assembly and particularly sharing my ideas on my Art course.
Work experience with digital marketing company, Move Ahead Media. I was able to adapt to the new environment and get to know new people in a new workspace. This also involved a big presentation to the manager and owners, which pushed me far out of my comfort zone, but I was proud to receive lots of positive feedback afterwards.

I am currently working towards…

Preparing for university! This includes my personal statement, work experience, IELTS preparation and SAT practice. I am also working hard on my A-Level subjects as I begin my final year in school.

This year I am looking forward to…

Enjoying this final year in school with my classmates
Continuing to work hard on my A-Level subjects, exploring the topics that I am passionate about and committed to.