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DBS triumph at VEX Robotics Thailand National Finals

It’s the time of year when our VIQRC Robotics Teams battle it our at St Andrew’s School to see who will be the champions of Thailand. Our teams have entered for the last 5 years and have been victorious every year. We were under pressure to maintain our excellence as we competed.

This year was the biggest competition so far at the annual VIQRC Competition in Thailand, with 62 teams in total. The standard of the robots and game play was also the highest we have ever seen. There were only 2 chances to win the top prize of the Excellence Awards and I’m pleased to say that our DBS students won both of them! This means we are the Champions of Thailand and have qualified for the World Championships which will be held in Dallas, Texas in May.


Congratulations to our students:

Elementary School Excellence Award winners: August, Hug, Rafha and Ryuka

Middle School Excellence Award winners: Ben, Freddie, Pat, Pump

Special mention for our other 3 teams who all scored their personal bests in the competition and 2 of these teams also made it through to the alliance finals of the day along with our champions.

Many thanks to our 2 coaches Mel and Andy Hall for mentoring the teams throughout the season. They are now busy preparing our 2 teams for the trip to the World Championships later this year.

Our VEX Robotics program continues to grow and DBS, please let us know if you are interested in being involved or would like to sponsor our teams for their trip to America.