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IGCSE 2022

IGCSE is Cambridge’s most popular curriculum for 14-16 years old or Year 10-11 students, as part of the Secondary stage. It is recognised by top universities and employers around the world. Additionally, many top universities require the combination of A-Level and IGCSE to meet their entry requirements.


Congratulations to our pioneer cohort who have set an exceptionally high bar for future cohorts with their outstanding IGCSE achievements.

Interview with First Group of A-Level students

DBS is growing everyday. We are expanding our facilities and academic intakes. This year we have our first group of Y12 students who had done great job on their IGCSEs and now thriving on their A-Levels. Let’s take a look at their though on their past IGCSEs, the tips and tricks for their younger colleagues and what they think about the A-Levels.