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7 Reasons Why Parents Trust DENLA BRITISH SCHOOL (DBS) To be the school for their beloved children

“A good education is a precious gift that parents choose for their children, because knowledge and skills will always be a child’s most important acquisition.”

Finding a good school for children needs much preparation. Currently, there are several international programmes to choose from. However, if you are looking for the best British Curriculum, which is the most popular curriculum in the world, Denla British School (DBS) is the name that stands out. It is not just a typical British curriculum, but it is an Enhanced British Curriculum, which is the most effective curriculum in the UK. DBS is a leading international school that teaches the best practices of UK independent schools. Based on general statistics, British independent schools have consistently performed well, with 51% of students obtaining grade A* or A in the A Level examinations, while only 26% across the country could do so. This is why DBS uses the Enhanced British Curriculum.

Here are 7 reasons why parents would want their children to study at DBS.

  1. DBS uses today’s best educational platform: The Enhanced British Curriculum is the perfect platform to allow students to achieve their potential. This curriculum has been implemented in world-renowned independent schools where students are challenged, and later they are successful in their careers, including leadership of the country. The Enhanced British Curriculum is recognised as the world’s best British curriculum. The curriculum design encourages rapid progress to give excellent foundations as students begin more rigorous studies in preparation for IGCSE and A Level examinations. Ideally, as at DBS, the teachers should be native English speakers and up to the standard of British independent schools i.e. they have degrees directly related to their teaching subjects, and they should have at least two years of teaching experience.
  2. The Personalised Learning method is intrinsic to the Enhanced British Curriculum: Teachers of the British curriculum are experts in their teaching subjects. They don’t believe in ‘One Size Fits All’. The Enhanced British Curriculum provides for each child with different and unique talents and abilities. The curriculum focuses on Personalised Learning, based on a deep understanding of the child, by concentrating on each student according to their skills and preferences. It can range from individual to small group teaching under the supervision of teachers and learning assistants. This teaching method can effectively encourage each student to achieve his or her goal for Academic Excellence.
  3. The Extended Day system – a key to success: One of the facets of the success of the Enhanced British Curriculum is the Extended Day system, an additional learning period for students to spend time studying and engaging in activities. At DBS, students will have 1 hour per day more school time than students in other schools, adding up to 5 hours per week. The subjects and activities taught are called Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), for which parents don’t have to pay an extra fee. CCAs are specially provided in the UK’s independent schools. At DBS, we offer intense CCAs aiming to give our students 1. the opportunities to try new experiences, 2. to develop excellence, 3. to foster fantastic relationships between the students themselves and between the student and the teachers, and 4. to develop the whole child; academically, physically and mentally. In CCAs, students will be encouraged to choose from over 60 courses and activities per week, including English language, literature, art, music, dance, sport, robotics, cooking and leadership activities. They can focus on what they like, they can join clubs and also use this period for homework groups to prepare themselves for the next school day. Students will have time to practise “Soft Skills” that are so important to be effective leaders, such as independence, initiative, creative thinking, and resilience. All students will be looked after by expert teachers and without an extra fee.
  4. Learning many subjects: Beside the initial core of English, Maths and Science, the Enhanced British Curriculum offers Computing, Geography, History, Music, Art, Drama, PE, Well-being and languages for students to learn too, like Mandarin.
  5. Concrete assessment: Other than daily, termly, and annual internal assessments, there are assessments for English, Maths, and Science called GL Assessments to measure against the world’s average. The Progress Test Series (PT Series) assesses students’ comprehension of the core subjects to identify which students need extra support and which will rise to more challenging targets. Results from GL Assessments help teachers to accurately plan for each student’s academic excellence. What makes the Enhanced British Curriculum unique is a rigorous academic programme that provides a balance of subjects and skills from Y1 onwards until IGCSE and A level subjects are chosen. It allows students to make deep connections between subject topics and prepares them for more challenging study at IGCSE and A level. Interestingly, students graduating from the Enhanced British Curriculum with good A Level examination results may be exempt from the first year of study at American universities because their academic foundation is so strong. The British Curriculum is a passport to successful study at universities around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada.
  6. Our classrooms facilities are world-class: They are 50% larger than normal international schools. The 40 facilities located throughout the school include, a FIFA standard artificial grass football pitch, a world standard running track, a large indoor swimming pool (salt water), gymnastics rooms, tennis courts, a golf pitch and putt range, a long jump pit, 3 playgrounds, sand pits, 3 performance classrooms, a music classroom, 13 private music practice rooms, a computer studio, science labs, a library, an art studio, exhibition halls etc. DBS has recently built a large indoor sports hall, which is its 3rd sports hall, in addition to its previous two, one of which is fully air-conditioned. This makes DBS the school with one of the most impressive sports facilities in South East Asia.
  7. Guaranteed by world-class standards from ISAT and CIS, which are the leading institutions that assess the quality and certification of educational standards of international schools globally. CIS praised DBS in a huge number of areas after their evaluation visit, including the quality of the teaching, the facilities comparable to leading British independent schools, and relationships that are well-developed between teachers and parents. In addition, DBS has also been ranked as one of the “THE BEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS IN BANGKOK AND THAILAND 2019”, from the world ranking school website; (…/,… /), which is a leading website that combines and ranks international schools from over 100 countries worldwide. DBS students have improved significantly in all areas and there are students who are able to win Academic Awards, as well as Non-Academic Awards; activities and sports awards. DBS is reputed to be a leading international school that prepares students fully for the future. DBS creates high quality leaders that can compete on the global stage, which is in line with the school’s motto: “Always to Greater Things”.