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DBS Mini Dragons Playdate

Denla British School (DBS) launches DBS Mini Dragons
with the UK’s EYFS curriculum for children aged 2-3 years old, focusing on building skills and Play-based Learning

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Today, technology is a real bonus for mankind, but there are drawbacks. Some negative effects for children include a shorter attention span, a lack of patience, and poor social skills. Children aged 2-3 years old, whose brains develop very rapidly, start to really form their personalities. Children at this age must receive support from parents and, ideally, teachers with special expertise in child development. Children aged 2-3 years old become more aware of their surroundings, they will want to socialise and to play with friends. However, they have not yet mastered how to properly interact with others, or how to behave when they are around other people. Therefore, at DBS, we help them to develop in the following ways.

Learning about communication: Good communication skills naturally promote good relationships. Therefore, the children must learn and be able to communicate with others, both in expressing their own needs and understanding the needs of others, communicated to them. This is especially true regarding language communication skills. At this age, the child’s brain is very open to information just like a sponge that absorbs a lot of water. If the children are trained in English, they will be able to learn very quickly and open up a whole new social world which is not just limited to communicating with one particular nationality group.

Learning on how to adapt to others: When children start making friends, they should learn to play and share items with others. By letting children play and solve problems by themselves with the supervision of specialist teachers, the children will start to learn how to live in a social setting, without their parents. They understand the differences in each of their friends’ personalities, they learn how to follow rules, how to compromise, and not put their own concerns before others. They pick up etiquette and how to conduct themselves appropriately in a timely manner; paying respect, saying thank you, and apologising when necessary. An expert is necessary to supervise these skills. There are psychological techniques for children to learn with willingness, without feeling that they have been coerced. When children understand and learn to adapt to others, they will be able to co-exist happily with others.

Learning about concentration and knowing how to wait: This is a pressing issue in these modern times. Today, everything seems rushed, you have to think faster, and do things quickly. So when there is a need to wait, people become easily annoyed. This trait can be seen in children in the classroom, resulting in boredom, irritability, a lack of concentration or having a tantrum in order to get what they want. By encouraging young children to practise emotional skills from when they are toddlers, they can grow up to have a stable future. Close observation of each child’s limitations is needed, and then techniques may be used, not taught directly, but through fun, creative and thought-provoking activities for the children to absorb this training automatically.

Learning about decision making: It is important to create opportunities for children to make decisions, and to consider what the results would be if they were to do this or that in a certain way. This way, they will become more reasonable, and when they are making the decisions themselves, they will be more open and confident.

Denla British School (DBS) is a premium international school that bases its teaching on the Enhanced British Curriculum from the best practice of independent schools in the UK, which is considered the best curriculum in the world. DBS believes that young children in their first 2-3 years are in the golden years for learning. Therefore, it has introduced a pre-school class under the name ‘DBS Mini Dragons’, by using the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum. It focuses on developing skills in English communication, physical strength, and co-existing with others through fun activities with the Play-Based Learning method to fully develop skills in all 7 EYFS areas. These are taught by experienced teachers focusing on quality, and who are 100% native English speakers.

DBS Mini Dragons believes that happy children are the best learners. Therefore, the Play-Based Learning method is designed to develop all of the 7 EYFS skills: Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal Development; Social and Emotional Development; Mathematics; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts.

Communication, and physical and social development, are prominent learning features of the DBS Mini Dragons, in which the lessons of each day in the week will follow a theme so that the structure of each weekly learning is clear and balanced.

Monday: Messy Play – Children can play as they wish, to stimulate creativity from playing and open up the world of imagination around them, They can be their own selves, and have the freedom to learn and discover new things. It also teaches children how to play together, and understand and learn the rules of living together.

Tuesday: Story & Drama – This involves storytelling and enjoying performances, to enhance communication skills, observation, and remembering, which can lead to increased concentration and finishing what they started.

Wednesday: Get Active – These are exercises to enhance physical development.

Thursday: Music and Song – Music and singing activities is another way to teach English through pronunciation, and it opens up imagination.

Friday: Water Play – This promotes physiological development, muscle strength, and dexterity.

DBS Mini Dragons provides an environment that encourages and supports pre-schoolers of 2-3 years old to be curious, creative, and friendly, so that these children will have the opportunity to develop good skills to prepare them for kindergarten education and be able to interact happily with friends of the same age.

With an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of students to grow into well-qualified and happy adults, Denla British School (DBS) has been granted membership of the International School Association of Thailand (ISAT) and Council of International School (CIS), both of which are leading organisations that assess the quality of educational standards of international schools. And most recently, DBS has been ranked as one of “THE BEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS IN BANGKOK AND THAILAND 2019”, from the website ranking of world-class schools;

RSVP for DBS Mini Dragons Playdate. Free Trial! in November 2019. For inquiries, please call 0-2666-1933