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Co-Curricular Activities at DBS

· Robotics & Technology: The skill of the future. If students are dreaming to become a part of Silicon Valley, the centre of the world’s innovation and technology development, it is necessary to understand a programming language. Now, robotics skill is in high demand. Coding also encourages Computational Thinking which provides various problem-solving processes such as data analysis, logical organisation, algorithm, and splitting data to help with complex problems or open-ended questions.

· Reading, Poetry, Library: Reading builds great imagination because it stimulates children’s brains. Children will be clever, process good judgement, and have critical thinking skills. English poetry and library clubs are also the first steps for writing skills and they encourage children’s positive socialisation and emotions. Poetry also promotes confidence and imagination. Students will creatively perform arts from what they have read. Those who are outstanding in languages gain their core skills from reading because they can develop their vocabulary. Each week, students will learn a new set of vocabulary and that can be used in other subjects as well.

· Entrepreneurship: The Entrepreneurship skill is not only vital to future entrepreneurs, but creativity is increasingly important in all careers. Students will learn necessary skills needed for developing marketable products, designing and assessing their own products, planning strategies for targeted customers, and researching ways to make profits.

“The Extended Day” – essential additional hours for life-long success – the UK independent school model

DBS students will have 1.5 hours per day more school time than students in other schools, adding up to nearly 8 hours per week. The subjects taught are called Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), for which parents don’t have to pay an extra fee. CCAs are specially provided in the UK’s independent schools. At DBS, we offer intense CCAs aiming to give our students the opportunities to try new experiences, to develop excellence, to foster fantastic relationships, and to develop the whole child; academically, physically and mentally.

Every day with the 1.5 hours longer than most other international schools, DBS can promote excellence in a wide variety of areas. A longer learning period and rich activities, under a close supervision of expert teachers, with small class sizes, means that students will have full attention and enjoyment. This is a crucial area for students to focus more on what they truly like. They will also join clubs and homework groups to prepare themselves for the next school day. This promotes all-round development in accordance with the school’s vision, “Nuturing Global Leaders.”