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Computing lessons at DBS

Our MacLab is a fantastic and well used space for digital learning. It is equipped with a network of iMacs, large LCD TV and Apple TV. Each week, students from Year 1 to Year 10 take part in Computing lessons, led by our team of 3 Specialist Teachers, designed to improve digital creativity, collaboration and independence. This week there has been much going on in GSuite for our older students, updating accounts and passwords in preparation for future learning. Our younger students have been learning their network logins and have used a range of Apps to digitally represent themselves in image form, ready for the start of the new theme, ‘This is me.’ Our MacLab is just one of our digital learning resources as it sits alongside our iPad 1:1 Program where all our Year 2 to Year 9 students have their own school iPad and there is a BYOD MacBook Program in Y10. Our younger students also have access to shared iPads for their learning in class.