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DBS DENLA BRITISH SCHOOL Emphasises Its Academic Excellence Together With Life Skills by Paving the Pathway to the World’s Top Universities for Year 5 – 9 Students

DBS’s intensive tutoring programmes aim to establish a top achievers’ community and the school’s commitment to nurture global leaders.

DBS DENLA BRITISH SCHOOL, a premium international school that implements the Enhanced British Curriculum from the best practice of independent schools in the UK, emphasises its academic excellence, coupled with outstanding life skills for students to be able to score highly in the IGCSE and A Level examinations, and to gain access to the world’s top universities. At DBS, teachers are 100% native English speaking, apart from Thai and Mandarin, and they are experienced teachers. There are also specialist teachers for teaching and tutoring students for IGCSE and A Level.

Many students who graduate from the Enhanced British Curriculum with good A Level scores will be exempt from studying first year courses in American universities because these students already have a strong foundation in their subject areas. Therefore, the Enhanced British Curriculum can be considered as a passport to get into world’s top universities, for example in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

To drive DBS’s mission of academic excellence and “Nurturing Global Leaders”, the school educates students from pre-school about core skills and attributes, so that they are fully prepared to succeed when they are older. This is a vital part in laying strong foundation for children, so that DBS can deliver on the pathways to top universities.

English language is vital, and at DBS our enhanced curriculum uses English for communication every day and in every classroom. The children learn English so their English accent becomes like a native English speaker. This also applies to Chinese Mandarin classes as well so that children will be fluent.

Ladder to success for Year 5 – 13

Every student in Year 5-6 learns all subjects from specialist teachers, and they will be encouraged to compete in academic competitions at regional level and international level, such as the World Scholar’s Cup, for example. Students will also have a chance to join the Cartesian club for high flying mathematicians, the Beacon programme for the most gifted and diligent, lunch clubs, and Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs) such as music, arts, drama, sports.

When students reach Year 7-8, they will learn more about leadership in programmes such as Model United Nations, and they learn how to debate, analyse, give opinions and ideas to many groups of people. This is very important for instilling leadership skills, in line with the school’s vision “Nurturing Global Leaders”.

When students reach Year 9, it’s a crucial decision time. In Year 9, each student will choose IGCSEs, after consultations with teachers and Heads of Department, who also share their experiences about when they were students too. Year 10 students will be enhanced academically in preparation for the IGCSEs. Male students will also have the opportunity to be part of the Thai Reserve Officer Training Corps. In Year 10, all students will be given career advice and they will start creating their network for studying and looking to their future careers, including finding work experience.

In Year 11, students need to choose AS Levels to study in Year 12. They will also be revising for the important IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11.

When students reach Year 12, they will reach the age where they will study a very intensive programme of AS Levels leading to A level examinations. Students of Year 12 and Year 13 must prepare themselves for study at universities, for example, writing a letter of introduction, practising how to write good essays, and preparing to take tests for universities such as Oxbridge (UK), BMAT (UK), UKCAT (UK), ACT (USA), SATs (USA), and also to find work experience that is directly related to their desired subjects in universities.

However, students are taught to realise that in order to succeed, important ‘life skills’ are necessary, and DBS is dedicated to instil these in all of our students. Skills and attributes that are important for success are manners, gratitude, respect toward yourself and others, patience, generosity, resilience, compromise, dedication, perseverance, effort, a thirst for knowledge, and a growth mindset.

For parents and students who have a clear goal for the world’s top universities, DBS Denla British School, is dedicated to ensuring that dream become a reality.