A Journey through time!

Monday 20th July-14th August 2020

Pre EY to Year9

A Fully Immersive English Programme Follows British Curriculum Academic And CCA Activities Throughout

DBS Summer School 2020 is uniquely designed to meet the needs of our children in developing the English language. We believe that children learn best when they have a purpose for communicating, and so our Summer School provides children with a range of immersive language opportunities. Children will be given a range of opportunities to work and play alongside their peers to develop self-confidence, communication skills, co-operation skills and express themselves creatively.

This year, the Summer School has a historical focus which will allow pupils to broaden their knowledge of the past. They will time travel throughout to a different period in time where they will learn more about the features, cultures and traditions of previous civilisations. It has been designed in thematic learning approach. Lessons are linked which allows pupils to connections between the different subjects.

Starting in the Pre-Historic era, pupils will travel through Early Civilisations, Ancient Tribes, the Age of Invention before journeying into the future! Lessons will be explorative, exciting and creative, and pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities. Writing and Maths will be taught each day, alongside Science, Computing and Theme lessons throughout the week. The CCA afternoon sessions are led and run by DBS teachers.

To ensure high standards all of the teaching is carried out by qualified sports coaches and teachers who are experts and familiar with the English National Curriculum.

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