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Prize Day Year3-Year9

The academic year of 2019-20 ended today with Prize Day ceremonies. Our Y3-Y5 students celebrated their achievements with awards not only focused on the students’ academic achievements, but also effort too, which in a way is even more important. We also put a spotlight on their skills, talents, and unique individuality that reflect the DBS core value of well-rounded education.

[Please click https://bit.ly/3gOcIhf for more photos, and click https://youtu.be/m28SD4YQwhQ for the videos of Prize Day ceremonies]

Our Y6-Y9 students marked the end of the 2019-20 academic year. It was truly an eventful year and full of challenges. However, they have been very successful. The purpose of Prize Day is about promoting positive recognition and motivating students to continue to do their best. All of our students have matured so well this year, and we’re looking forward to many great things to come. See you all next year!

[Please click https://bit.ly/2ZS8UVn for more photos, and click https://youtu.be/eOv1jW8HGVo for the videos of Prize Day ceremonies]