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DBS Tree House

“At DBS, we are so happy to be able to offer the very best opportunities and resources to our wonderful children who truly deserve the very best. The Tree House will become an outdoor learning space, where children can enjoy sharing stories with their class teachers and sing songs together. There is a spiralling slide to take the children safely back down to the cushioned lawn where a brand new sandpit, bucket swing and climbing ropes await them,” commented Miss Sophie Berry, the Head of Pre-Prep at Denla British School.

Tree houses have always been a source of wonder and excitement for children. They provide an outdoor learning space that encourages children to explore, play and learn in a natural environment. A Tree House Play Area for children aged 3 and above, designed to comply with ASTM F1487 standards, is an excellent way to promote social skills development, build self-esteem and encourage transparent interaction among children.


ASTM F1487 is a safety standard for public use and residential playground equipment. It includes guidelines for playground design, equipment, and surfacing that ensure the safety of children while they play. In order to comply with this standard, a Tree House Play Area must have certain features such as guardrails, handrails, and proper surfacing.

One of the benefits of a Tree House Play Area is that it provides an opportunity for children to develop their social skills. Children can interact with each other in a natural setting, and they can learn how to share, collaborate and communicate effectively. This is important for children’s overall development and helps them to build strong relationships with their friends.


Another benefit of a Tree House Play Area is that it can help to build self-esteem in children. Children who have the opportunity to explore and play in a natural environment feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities. They also develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for the space, which can help to build their self-esteem.

Transparent interaction is also a feature of a Tree House Play Area. Children can see each other playing and can easily join in the fun. This encourages children to be more open and inclusive, and it helps to create a sense of community among the children.

A Tree House Play Area can also serve as a small classroom. Children can learn about the natural environment, and they can participate in educational activities such as role play, story-telling and planting. This helps to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.