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Mathematics Competition

The DBS Mathematicians have made an indelible mark on the international stage, as they made their debut in the prestigious Ritangle Mathematics competition. Ritangle is a highly competitive event that attracts top Year 12 and Year 13 students studying A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics The DBS team, led by the exceptional Captain Ernearn, comprising of Mild, Yoyo, Chen Chen were joined by Pop and Ham from Year 8 and Year 11 and rose to the challenge with exceptional proficiency.

As the competition progressed through its intense stages, with weekly question releases in the first stage and increasing to a formidable three per week in the final stage, the DBS team shined, deftly balancing their rigorous school studies with the demands of the competition. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they reached the final round, a testament to their remarkable aptitude in mathematics.

Mr Woolaston was full of praise for the team, stating, “All of the team worked really hard on this competition and I’m very proud of them for juggling this alongside their school work and exam preparations. Ernearn was a great team captain and we did really well to reach the final stage of the competition. We will be back next year ready to go further.”


DBS is a school that prides itself on providing its students with a world-class mathematics education and an array of enrichment opportunities for students of all abilities. The achievements of the DBS Mathematicians in the Ritangle competition are a testament to the school’s commitment to excellence and its ability to cultivate future mathematical leaders.