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         Call: 02-666-1933

DBS UK Camp 2020

Fly your children to England this summer with the DBS UK Camp 2020.

Let’s practise perfect English and travel to 21 world famous landmarks in 3 UK cities for 15 days from 12th to 26th July 2020. Experience the British lifestyle with British host families.

Available for children aged 9 years old and above. Book now! For more information, please call 02-666-1933 ext. 5111 – 5113.
DBS Camp 2020

Let’s make this summer an unforgettable summer with an English camp in the UK! Denla British School (DBS) launched “DBS UK Camp”, a summer camp that will take students to live like true British locals with British host families and study with British students while exploring 21 world landmarks in 3 UK cities: Chester, Oxford, and London, including an ancient kingdom, an old city, a historic castle, an ice-cream farm, museums, London Eye, an adventure trail and amusement park, famous schools and universities, an observatory, a TV station, a zoo and parks.

For this 2020 summer holiday, make yourself available for the DBS UK Camp because there are limited seats! Teacher Jenn Robinson and Ian Robinson will lead students to the UK for 15 days. Both are very experienced in education for many years, indeed Jenn is Head of English at DBS. At the DBS UK Camp, students will stay in the city of Chester with British host families to learn the language and culture. Students will explore the bewitching city of Chester with its Roman city walls, the oldest racecourse, and the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain, plus a 1,000-year-old Cathedral with Europe’s finest example of medieval carvings. Chester is also where the River Dee runs through it to Wales. Chester Cathedral is also a must-see attraction because of its history and archaeological treasure that reflect its trade, arts, and music. The cool thing about this trip is not only to practise English and travel, but also to live like British students. Students will study in school in Chester that can truly develop their English skill. Also, they will visit The University of Chester to practise more English. Moreover, students will explore many other interesting attractions:

Manley Mere – located outside of Chester. With its scenic views and open space, students can kayak, wind-surf, or play around in the water-park, or if they would rather keep relatively dry, there is the adventure trail to explore.
Beeston Castle – students can experience UK history in an important British heritage site 4,000 years-old. The castle boasts spectacular views as one of the most dramatically sited medieval castles in England. On a clear day you can see all the way from the Pennines to the Welsh mountains. After the history and cultural download for the day, students will taste locally made ice cream flavours at the Ice Cream Farm.
BBC Manchester Tour – The BBC is based in the famous city of Manchester, a quick journey away from Chester city. The BBC is a worldwide iconic UK brand which produces thousands of TV shows each year for UK and international audiences. The BBC offers groups the chance to take a tour of the state-of-the-art studios and get behind the scenes to see how programme such as David Attenborough wildlife documentaries, are made and edited. Students can even take part in a special recording of a TV programme.
Roman Tour and Grosvenor Museum – A real favourite with school children, as they can act out at being a soldier. Legionary guides take you behind the scenes at key sites to explore the drama of life in the Roman Army. Expert ‘real life Roman soldiers’ present and illuminate the life of a Roman soldier in Britain, through informative, educational and interactive experiences for all ages.
The World Famous Chester Zoo – Any trip to Chester would not be complete without a visit to the incredible Chester Zoo. The UK’s leading zoo is home to more than 500 species of endangered animals. Learn how to support bees, butterflies and hedgehogs, how to defend the natural world from invasive non-native species, and how to help create safe spaces for our threatened wildlife.
Jodrell Bank Observatory – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Discovery Centre is a great day out for everyone who visits. Students will explore the wonders of the universe and learn more about the workings of the giant Lovell Telescope to inspire the scientists of the future.
Airbus Broughton Factory – students will have a unique opportunity to visit one of the most advanced companies in the world, Airbus Broughton, producing the world-famous Airbus aircraft.
Weekend excursion to Oxford, home to the prestigious Oxford University and steeped in history and tradition. Students will have the opportunity to explore what the university has to offer in terms of resources, their extensive grounds and to explore the Colleges. Oxford is also growing and adapting to include an evolving high tech community.
Weekend excursion to London – It’s a must visit to London, the city that has again been voted best major city to visit in 2019. Whether you are interested in a quirky bus or walking tour, a visit to the Science Museum, Shakespeare at the Globe theatre, the Tate Art Gallery or The Harry Potter tour, you will not fail to be impressed with the bright lights and glamour of the city of London.
Explore the world of learning together with the DBS UK Camp 2020 during 12-26 July 2020. For more information, please contact 02-666-1933 ต่อ 5111-5113. The price is 210,000 THB (a special discount of 15,000 baht will be deducted from the last payment to the first 15th students.)