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DBS Young Entrepreneur – Minnie, the Youngest Designer in Thailand, Talked about Her Discovery of Her Passions on the Woody Show.

Our extraordinary girl, Minnie Y8, has caught the attention of the public for her entrepreneurship at such a very young age – becoming the youngest designer in Thailand, owner and designer of her own clothing brand ‘Purisa Glitzy’.

Minnie had been invited for an interview on the Woody Show – a famous talk show in Thailand copyrighted from the Ellen DeGeneres Show from the United States, to share her entrepreneurial vision and the discovery of her passion and goals.

She told Woody that when she was younger, all she knew was that she liked to dress up and to draw and design. When she came across an autobiography of Coco Chanel, the famous designer who had changed the world of fashion, Minnie was determined to be the best just like Ms Chanel.

Minnie has shown maturity beyond her age, talking about her passion and goals, as well as presenting her clothing brand ‘Purisa Glitzy’, modelled by DBS students who were with Minnie to support her achievement. Thank you to our lovely students, Foam, Annabelle, Florence and Iris.

Support from parents and school are also of utmost importance for a child to be able to chase their dreams, and for that we, DBS, fully believe in the positive reinforcement we give to our children.

At school, not only do students learn all the necessary subjects in order to progress in life, they must be given the opportunity to explore their other interests outside the classroom, and further deepen their learning in subjects that they are passionate about.

Minnie is an example of a student who has discovered her passions and goals at such a very young age. DBS will support all of our students to fully explore their interests.