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           Call: 02-666-1933

Mrs Jennifer Drake – Early Year Teacher

Having been brought up to value the role of the teacher and the importance of education, Mr. Drake was always inspired to be involved in the education of others. Before moving to international teaching, Mrs Drake taught for 11 years in the lovely English city of Nottingham. In 2016, Mrs Drake and her family decided to move to Guangzhou in Southern China where they spent 5 wonderful years at the British School of Guangzhou and where Mrs. Drake taught both Nursery and Reception classes. More recently Mrs Drake has been in Moscow, Russia where she continued to teach the British Early Years curriculum to Reception and Year 1 aged children at the International School of Moscow.

Mrs Drake believes passionately that children learn best when they are allowed to explore and discover through play-based learning. Having observed and taught using different approaches to the teaching of Early Years, she has found that there is huge value in harnessing children’s natural curiosity and using this to facilitate their learning in all key areas.

Her goal as a teacher is to provide a rich environment where children feel safe and happy to embark on their own learning journeys, challenging themselves and becoming resilient and ambitious for themselves in their life-long love of learning. By getting to know the children well Mrs. Drake feels adults can provide opportunities for all children to explore, discover, create and imagine. Helping the children in her class develop and celebrate their unique talents and interests and inspiring them to achieve their best is Mrs. Drake’s main focus in the classroom.

Parent involvement and support are also vital to Mrs Drake’s classroom philosophy. As a parent to two children (currently in DBS in Year 4 and Year 6), Mrs Drake values the link between home and school. Her aim is to help keep parents informed about their child’s individual learning journey while fostering excellent communication between home and school knowing that by working together the best possible experience is given to the children.