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           Call: 02-666-1933

Mrs Susie Chan – EAL Teacher

Mrs. Susie Chan is an experienced English and EAL Teacher specialising in Second Language Learning. She is a native English speaker and speaks 3 different dialects of Chinese (Hakka, Cantonese & Mandarin), Japanese & Thai to varying levels of fluency. She studied Chinese & Japanese at Leeds University and went on to teach English in Taiwan, Japan & Thailand.

‘I see myself as an active lifelong learner and I’m fully aware of the challenges that learning a language poses. As a result, I have fully embraced the messiness of learning and I can empathise with students and how they meet the challenges of the school day. I am passionate about helping students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen paths, whatever discipline or aspirations they have.’

Mrs. Chan has experience as a Boarding House Mistress (3 years in the Junior Boys’ House), a primary Chinese Teacher (2 years) & as an English Teacher (20+ years). She is a keen advocate of promoting confidence in using English actively in the classroom and the school environment as well as nurturing reading skills across all age groups. ‘Adopting a variety of roles across a range of institutions has enabled me to learn and develop many skills that better inform how I teach and work with students. I learn from the students every day.’

Having lived in Thailand for more than 20 years, Mrs. Chan enjoys learning about new places to visit and travel to within Thailand and she loves sampling all the special dishes too. ‘I’m really excited to be part of the DBS team this year and look forward to working with and meeting the staff, students and the whole community. There’s a great energy at this school!’