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Let’s Get Bouldering at the New DBS Wall Climbing

Did you know that rock/wall climbing is an excellent workout for your kids or even yourself?

All the more reason why DBS introduces the new Wall Climbing Gym on the 4th floor of the new building, D4. Wall Climbing is a perfect exercise for someone who likes mixing exercise and adventure together. Bouldering can be challenging and safe at the same time. It uses the same muscles and techniques as climbing upward but can be safer.

Students were excited to try out the new climbing gym without any fear or hesitation. They could not wait to jump up to the grip and start climbing, but without the correct guidance, climbing can be dangerous. Mr Ratchabhumi Tanghongs or Kru Byrd is the instructor at DBS Wall Climbing Gym giving students advice throughout the climbing sessions.


Bouldering is climbing on a route close to the ground without a harness or a rope. It is good as a warming up for other forms of climbing or beginner climbers. All levels of climbers can enjoy bouldering.



The climbing area is separated into different zones. There are warm-up, vertical climb and harness climbing zones for different types and levels of climbing. The layout of the climbing grips can always be rearranged to change the level and spice up the climbing. 



Bouldering is safe for all climbers (with precaution), even kids as young as two years old can climb with supervision. At the DBS Wall Climbing Gym, the floor area close to the climbing wall is covered with thick soft mattresses preventing students from getting hurt from falling. The instructor is always in the area for safety. 


“It is human nature, especially for kids, to grab something and climb,” said Kru Byrd.