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The international community gathered to preserve Thainess and celebrate the grandest festival in Thai culture – Songkran.DBS is committed to widen students’ perspectives globally, and at the same time, preserve Thai values within the community.

On the last day of term 2 in the month of April, students and teachers, both Thai and international, enjoyed various Songkran activities led by our Thai Department.Activities included learning about Songkran’s history, participating in the water pouring ceremony and paying respect to their teachers, enjoying Thai dance, Thai music, and most of all the Songkran water splashing activities.

Students experienced the traditional Thai New Year and how our community places such importance on the rich culture that focuses on kindness, respect, love and family.

We wish everybody a very Happy Thai New Year “สวัสดีปีใหม่ไทย ๒๕๖๔”