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           Call: 02-666-1933

E-Games House Tournament

E-sports can provide skill development of sportsmanship, communication, strategic thinking, cognitive functions to improve hand-eye coordination, visual ability, and concentration.

The co-curricular focus at DBS is diverse, up-to-date, and student-centred. Five weeks ago, over 80 DBS students entered our first ever E-Games House Tournament, the mighty Mario Kart.

Every week during lunchtimes, the numbers grew smaller and smaller as competitors fell by the wayside and were knocked out of the competitions (Y3-4, Y5-6, Y7-10). In the finals, six students battled it out to be crowned the House Mario Kart Champion for their age group.

Y3-4 Final: Katang (Windsor) beat Yuki (Sandringham) in a very close and competitive battle, winning the race on the last corner of the track.

Y5-6 Final: Caolán (Sandringham) beat Porsche (Buckingham) in another closely contested race, with the lead changing many times.

Y7-10 Final: Prim (Sandringham) beat Chess (Windsor) in a very professional manner.